Top 5 Summer Destinations with the NC Egg Association


It’s officially summer time and we have drafted our top 5 summer spots to visit in North Carolina. Weather you’re looking for a fun family vacation, a romantic getaway with your loved one, or a trip to take with your friends, we have got the scoop on all of the “coolest” places in North Carolina. As we all know, summer vacations wouldn’t be the same without great food; so we’ve paired our favorite summer recipe with each destination!


1.  Visit the Land of Waterfalls | Location: Brevard, NC

With over 250 scenic waterfalls, the Land of Waterfalls in Brevard, NC is the perfect spot for an adventurous vacation. If you’re active and love to be outdoors, this is the destination for you! The thing that makes the Land of Waterfalls so special is that, thanks to the unique geographic location, the waterfalls are within a few miles of each other!

Eggs are packed full of protein, which you’ll need plenty of during this wild adventure. Bring along a few of these Southern Deviled Eggs to curb hunger and stay energized.

Land of Waterfalls Website:


2. Walk Across the Mile High Swinging Bridge | Location: Grandfather Mountain (Linville, NC)

Located one mile above sea level, a 228 ft suspension bridge hangs over the scenic views of Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC. Locals have nicknamed The Mile High Swinging Bridge, “Singin’ Bridge” due to the strong winds that gust through the metal slats. The hike to the swinging bridge is one of the greatest trails in North Carolina with breathtaking views over the high country!

We recommend bringing along these summer canapés – they make the perfect snack to pack in your backpack as your hiking!

Grandfather Mountain Website:


3. Have Pepsi in it’s Hometown | New Bern, NC

The birthplace of Pepsi, located in New Bern, NC, is the actual location of where Pepsi was invented in 1898.  New Bern is filled with history and would be a perfect vacation for those who enjoy museums, boat tours, art, and theatre.

While having a Pepsi, be sure to pack these Firecracker Deviled Eggs  for a delicious snack!


4. Rocky Coast Exhibit at The North Carolina Zoo | Location:  Asheboro, NC

The North Carolina Zoo features five acres of exhibits that have been constructed to resemble natural habitats. With 1,600 animals and more than 52,000 plats, the North Carolina Zoo attracts people from all over the state. The Rocky Coast Exhibit is a timeless favorite, as it takes you through the “cool wonders” of the arctic!

Pack a lunch that includes Cobb Potato Salad .  With simple ingredients, it’s the perfect meal to satisfy any family members hunger!

North Carolina Zoo Website:


5. Take a Dip in the Atlantic | Wrightsville Beach, NC

The North Carolina coastline provides over 300 miles of beautiful beaches.  Weather you’re looking to relax on the sand, or play in the water, Wrightsville Beach is the place for you! Here you can enjoy scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, boating, or surfing.

No matter what activity you choose, the best part of being at the beach is cooking out and there’s no better way to heat up this vacation by adding our Creole Eggs to your menu. With flavors influenced by French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, and Native American cuisine- this recipe is sure to spice up any vacation!

Wrightsville Beach Website:

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