Top 5 Favorite Egg Trends of 2022


2022 was full of fun food trends, and, to our delight, many of them revolved around eggs! Packed with protein and essential nutrients, eggs continued to reign supreme as a go-to protein source and versatile ingredient to make healthy, creative meals. Here are our top 5 favorite egg trends from 2022:


  1. Year of the Fancy Deviled Egg
    In October, Bon Appétit dubbed 2022 as the Year of the Fancy Deviled Egg, explaining that the modernization of this old-school favorite appetizer is offering it a main character moment.Many restaurants have added deviled eggs to their menus, but with a little more flair than the classic dish we know and love. From adding toppings like shrimp or basil and pomegranates to using different fillings, such as pimento cheese or guacamole, there’s no shortage of modern deviled egg recipes that came out this year – and we couldn’t be more egg-cited about that! 
  2. Egg-Based Breakfast Bowls
    2022 saw a huge rise in the popularity of breakfast bowls, with most recipes centering around eggs (of course). From savory bowls filled with sausage, roasted potatoes and garlic, to vegetarian bowls packed with greens and tofu, there was no shortage of delicious healthy bowl recipes.Check out the Incredible Egg’s One Bowl – Limitless Opportunities collection for some inspiration on your next breakfast bowl!
  3. TikTok Viral Egg Toast Sandwich
    This recipe is quite simple but adds a new twist on the classic breakfast egg sandwich! Instead of first cooking eggs and then layering them between toast with other fixings to make a sandwich, you’ll cook the eggs with the bread all in one pan—so that the eggs will act almost like a cocoon to the toast.
  4. No-Peel Hard Boiled Eggs
    Another trend that came from TikTok is the No-Peel Hard-Boiled Egg Hack. We all know peeling hard-boiled eggs can be time-consuming and difficult at times. This hack is only three steps, and you won’t have to worry about peeling because you’ll get rid of the shell before even cooking the egg! The one caveat is that this method should be used for dishes like egg salad or poached eggs and won’t work for deviled eggs.First, grease a nonstick loaf pan with a paper towel and two teaspoons of oil. Next, crack the eggs into the loaf pan. The last step is to place the pan with the eggs into a baking dish filled a third of the way with water, then bake for 30 minutes at 350 °F. Watch the full instructional video from TikTok user @jamiefielding_!
  5. Salted Eggs
    This snack has long been popular in Asian cultures but finally made its way to the U.S. and has been a big hit. The concept behind these salted cured eggs is simply placing the egg yolk in a mixture of salt and sugar, then leaving them in the fridge for a few days. The salt will dehydrate the yolk, leaving it hardened with a salty and buttery flavor. 

What egg recipes or hacks do think will become a food trend in 2023? Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and tell us your predictions! 

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