Top 4 Egg Trends of 2023


As 2023 comes to an end, we’re sharing our favorite egg trends of the year! Eggs continue to be a fan favorite food for their nutritious value and unique ability to be incorporated in so many different recipes.

  1. All the Fried Egg Recipes
    This year, fried eggs had a moment—with viral recipes coming back to life, especially Feta Fried Eggs with Pesto and Chili-Crisp Fried Eggs! Influencers tried out these flavor combinations plus many more.
  2. Tornado Omelets
    Although not a new technique, tornado omelets took social media by storm in 2023, producing satisfying videos of eggs being beautifully twisted with a pair of chopsticks. Using chopsticks to continuously pinch and turn the eggs as they cook in a pan creates an effect that makes the omelet look like the eye of a tornado.
  3. Egg Flipping Hack
    Flipping eggs perfectly can be a tough skill to nail down, but this cooking hack aimed to change that! By gently sliding the eggs into the lid of the pan you’re using to cook them, you can perfectly flip eggs over with no mess AND while keeping eggs perfectly intact. This way, you get both sides of your egg dish perfectly cooked and crispy!
  4. Grated Egg Avocado Toast
    This trend is a unique approach to deviled eggs that we absolutely love! Grating deviled eggs, creates a fluffy texture that pairs perfectly with avocado, elevating this superfood pairing.

 What egg recipes or hacks do you think will become a trend in 2024? Tag NC Egg Association on Facebook, Instagram or X and tell us your predictions!

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