Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a great day to show your dad just how much you appreciate him and all he has done for you by giving him a nice gift and a thoughtful card. But let’s be realistic- it sneaks up on you every year like a snake in the grass and you spend the last few hours the night before scrambling to come up with something that doesn’t look like you’re a bad son or daughter. This year, it’s time to make a change and show your dad just how thoughtful you can be. Stuck on ideas? Not creative? Don’t fret. Here is a list of top 10 Father’s Day gift ideas.


1- Gadgets

For the younger generation of sons and daughters who want to keep their parents updated with the newest technology in order to avoid any possible embarrassment, a gadget is the best way to go. From old flip phones, to heaven forbid, an actual book with pages, treat your dad to an updated version like an iPad or a Kindle Fire.

2- Car Stuff

It’s no secret that men love cars. From trucks to race cars, there are a million ways to express the love for their hobby. Although most people can’t afford to buy their fathers a new car, they can, however, fuel their passion with accessories such as car care kits or custom floor carpets.  Auto Geek has a special Father’s Day section for all your needs!

3- Clothes

As if his closet isn’t already overflowing with the hundreds of over-the-top Father’s Day ties from years past, a nice leather belt or a snazzy pair of dress socks is a traditional go-to present for most dads who are hard to buy for.  For the more stylish dad, head over to MeUndies online and get him a pair of the “world’s most comfortable” underwear.

4- Sports Gear or Memorabilia

If your dad is a sports fan, and chances are he is, then getting him a custom metal spatula with a cut out of his favorite team’s mascot is a fantastic idea. You can get him anything from a subscription to ESPN magazine to printed beer glasses. The possibilities are endless.

5- Nice shaving kits

This is a classic gift that will always serve a purpose. A man’s need to shave never goes away, so why not get him something that he has to use? If you’re looking for a great deal and a good laugh, check the Dollar Shave Club and make sure to watch their video!

6- Breakfast in bed

Now, this might seem more of a Mother’s Day gift idea, but fathers enjoy this rarity just as much as moms do! It can be the most simple, yet most thoughtful gesture to celebrate his day. Prepare to wake up early and fix his favorites, such as bacon, eggs and toast. For great egg recipes, like “Bacon Sausage and Tot Frittata,” you can go to to spice up a traditional favorite.

7- Antique Cuff Links

Does it get anymore dapper than that? Frank & Oak makes it easy to get your hands on a rustic pair of cuff links your dad will be proud to wear to any special occasion.

8- A manly cookbook

If your dad is a grill man, what better way to start the summer off with giving him a cookbook full of meat-based meals? If your dad is a more of a morning cook or vegetarian, try Michael Ruhlman’s new book, Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World’s Most Versatile Ingredient. It’s all the rage!

9- Restaurant gift card

Although a little less creative than some other ideas, a gift card to his favorite restaurant will give him an excuse to go out with friends or family and enjoy good food.

10-Portable hammock

An outdoorsy kind of dad will love to lounge in a hammock in his own little paradise under a tree while listening to nature’s soothing sounds. The Great Outdoor Provision Co. offers ENO hammocks in both single and double sizes.

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