Tailgating Tips & Recipes


Football is back and we’ve been preparing for tailgating season for months! Make game day a little more enjoyable by cutting out some tailgating chaos. Packing and prepping everything the night before is extremely helpful in doing this. Here are some helpful tips to have the perfect tailgate:

1. Use a Toolbox for “Tailgate Tackle”: That’s right! Put your old toolbox to good use. The drawers and compartments in toolboxes make easy storage space for all of your tailgating needs. Pack spatulas, bottle openers, toothpicks, tongs, and wooden skewers in the main compartment. In the middle compartment, store trash bags, paper towels, wet wipes, sunscreen, plastic bags, and hand sanitizer. Use the bottom drawer to store your favorite condiments and seasonings.

2. Use frozen water bottles as ice: Freeze a pack of water bottles overnight. You can use these as ice to eliminate leaking water. When the bottles begin to melt, you’ll have cold water to drink!

3. Turn a cooler into a warming oven: Line your cooler with cardboard wrapped in heavy-duty tin foil. Next, wrap bricks in heavy-duty tin foil and head them in a 500-degree oven. Then, USING OVEN MITS, lay bricks along the bottom of the cooler and lay another tin-foiled cardboard piece over the bricks. Add food that you want to keep warm (e.g. a casserole in a glass dish with a lid). Then add another layer of the bricks and cardboard on top. This will keep your dish warm for hours!

4. Use Thermoses and Tin Mugs to store soup: For colder months, pack your favorite, chili or soup in tin mugs to keep soup warm!

5. Make easy-to eat food: When it comes to tailgating, steer clear of foods that are difficult to eat; or, find easy ways to serve your favorite foods. For example, instead of serving eggs and bacon on plates at your tailgate, wrap them in a pancake (creating a “breakfast taco”).



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