Washi Tape Eggs

Decorating eggs with washi tape is fun and easy. Wrap the entire egg in tape, or cut the tape into creative shapes. And if you change your mind, you can easily remove and replace the tape.


Hard-boiled brown and white eggs, in shell
Various rolls of washi tape


POSITION the tape where you’d like to begin, then WRAP the tape around. Gently, TEAR the tape when you’re finished wrapping it, or CUT it with scissors.
CUT shapes out of the tape, such as triangles or rectangles, using the scissors and PLACE the cut-outs on the egg. Or, COVER the entire egg in different kinds of washi tape.


Washi tape comes in various widths. Note that the thinner tape wraps around the entire egg more easily than wider tape. Wider tape, however, is better for cutting out shapes.

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