Polka Dot Eggs

Polka dots aren’t just for yellow bikinis. They look great on eggs too! Follow these steps and tips to make eggtastic polka dot eggs.


12 Hard-boiled EGGS, in shell
Small plastic containers/bowls, for dying eggs
Egg dye, various colors, tablets or droplets
White vinegar
Wire egg dipper
Paper towels
Jar lids
Acrylic paint, various colors
Pencil with an eraser


DROP one egg dye tablet in each plastic container/bowl.
FILL each container with about 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and ½ cup of water. FOLLOW instructions on egg dye kit, in case of different measurements. WAIT until tablets completely dissolve.DIP a hard-boiled egg in dye of your choice with egg dipper. LET EGG STAND in dye for several (up to 10) minutes, depending on desired color.
See corresponding photo: Polka Dot Eggs 1
LIFTegg out of dye and PLACEon paper towel to drain excess dye. TRANSFER to an upright position to finish drying.
REPEAT steps 3 and 4 until all eggs are dyed in various colors.

SQUEEZE several drops of acrylic paint (various colors) into jar lids.
DIP eraser end of a pencil in paint.
HOLD eggand PRESS eraser lightly on egg to form a dot.
REPEAT steps 7 and 8 until all eggs are covered with polka dots. Let eggs dry.


Holding your egg and applying the dots at the same time can be difficult, so make yourself a little stand to hold up your egg while applying the dots. To make a stand, turn a paper cup upside down and cut a hole in the bottom. Place the egg in the hole and dot away!

Food safety precaution:If you’re eggcited to eat your eggs, make sure to use edible dye and acrylic paint. You can find edible paint at locations at mass retailers and on sites like Sugarprism. For more, visit Easter & Egg Safety.

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