Hand Lettered Eggs

Decorating eggs by lettering words and phrases on them!


Hard-boiled white eggs, in shell
Pencil (mechanical pencil recommended)
Ultra-fine paint pen
Egg dye, watercolor paints and/or alcohol inks for decorating


Step 1: First, you are going to practice what phrases you want on paper! The best way to get better at your hand lettering is to practice, practice, practice! Download this free practice guide with some word and phrase ideas. You can use any of your favorite writing utensils. Now you are ready to move on to your egg canvas!

Step 2: Next, you are going to hard boil your eggs. We used jumbo eggs for this project to help us have the biggest canvas possible! Using a steady hand carefully script the saying using a pencil. This way if you make a mistake or misjudge your space, you can erase and try again!

Step 3: Now you can decorate your eggs using watercolors, egg dye, or alcohol inks! We tried to stick with lighter colors so you could see the pencil phrase through it to help us with our next step to trace!

Step 4: You want to make sure your eggs are very dry before you begin to trace over your hand lettered saying with a paint pen! It’s important to use an ultra fine paint pen to get a super thin stroke.

Step 5: Your “egg-firmations” are ready to display or give to loved ones who might need a positive pick-me-up!

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