Glow-in-the-Dark Eggs

For a nighttime Easter egg hunt, decorate neon eggs that glow under a blacklight. The more you dip the eggs in neon dye, the more out-of-this-world the eggs will be!


12 hard-boiled EGGS, in shell
Small bowls, one for each color
Neon paint, various colors
Warm water
White vinegar
Paper plate, for drying


SQUIRT some neon paint into each bowl — one bowl for each color. POUR the same amount of very warm water into each bowl and STIRuntil the paint is dissolved.POUR ¼ cup of white vinegar into each bowl,andMIX well with a spoon.

DIPone egg in each bowl of paint and SPOON the neon dye all over the egg.

TURN the egg several times until it’s fully coated with dye. For darker color, let egg sit in dye for a few minutes. This will make beautifully glowing single-colored eggs when you turn the blacklight on.
See corresponding photo: Neon Eggs 4
For more psychedlic looking eggs, WAIT a few minutes for the eggs to dry, then DIP each egg in a different color.

TRANSFER each egg from bowl to bowl — letting the egg dry briefly in between each dip — until you achieve the desired effect. You can’t overdo it!
TRANSFER eggs to a paper plate or empty egg carton for drying. LET eggs dry for 10 minutes.
SHINE the blacklight over the eggs and ILLUMINATE all the funky neon effects you’ve created. Far out, huh?
REPEAT steps 2 through 5 for each shade of paint and watch your eggs glow.


Both brown and white eggs work for neon glow-in-the-dark eggs, but brown eggs will produce earthier-looking colors.

If you plan to eat your decorated eggs, make sure to use only food-safe decorating materials. For more on Easter & Egg Safety.

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