As the scents of spring fill the air outside, why not bring some of that freshness inside?  The season of new beginnings, spring is a time for new growth.  With this craft for Eggshell Planters, you can have the buds of spring sprout on your window sill!

Eggshell Planters are the perfect springtime craft as nature’s own miracle food, the egg, has long been associated with renewal and rebirth.  After emptying the eggshells for a recipe, the shells become the planter.  These planters can then be filled with herb seeds that, when full grown, will then give your recipes the fresh tastes of spring.  Why not pick some springtime favorites to plant like dill and mint or any other fresh family recipe favorites like oregano, basil and rosemary.

To start, you’ll need to use empty egg shells.  If you will be decorating your eggs first for Easter, follow these steps:  prick a tiny hole in the large end of the egg with the tip of a small paring knife.  Working slowly chip away the edges until the hole is about the size of a dime.  Run the knife down inside the egg to break the yolk membrane, then hold the egg over a bowl and shake until the contents run out.  Rinse the inside and turn upside down to drain.  (Cover and refrigerate the contents for use in thoroughly cooked egg dishes).  If you will be using shells from eggs that have been broken for cooking or baking, be sure to thoroughly rinse the shell halves and turn upside down to drain.

Next, dye or decorate the eggs as desired.  If decorated Easter eggs are going to be used, crack the eggs in half to make planters.  If there are kids in the family, they may want to decorate the shell halves to look like faces; when the herbs begin to grow, it will look like hair is sprouting!

Next, you’ll need cotton, planting soil and herb seeds.  Place cotton, followed by soil on the bottom of each decorated shell half.  Add seeds; then place shell halves back in empty egg cartons or on wire rack to keep upright.  Water seeds and place near sunlight as recommended on seed package.

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