Easter Egg Centerpiece Craft

Need a fresh idea for an Easter centerpiece? Check out this fun Easter craft that combines decorated eggs with easy to find items. Before you know it, any table in the house will be ready just in time for the Easter holiday. Happy crafting!

Egg Nest Centerpiece
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Makes: 1 nest





3 – 4
1 Decorated EGGS
Brown bag, lunch size (5 ½ x 10 ½ inches)
Small twigs, various lengths and widths (from outside or can be found in many craft stores)
Dried leaves
Spanish moss
Glue Gun or Craft Glue
Ribbon, glitter, twine or additional adornments, optional

WASH eggs in warm water; dry thoroughly. Using sterilized needle or sharp skewer,PRICK a small hole in the small end of the egg; large hole in large end. Chip away at large end until hole is large enough to fit baster (if using baster method.). INSERTneedle to break yolk. Either SHAKE the egg, large end down over a bowl to remove contents OR use baster to gently push air into small end, forcing contents out large end. Rinse egg, inside and out, set on end to dry. Decorate eggs using your preferred method – as shown, colored solid using egg dying kit. (Eggs can be decorated in any manner, including writing names to use for place settings, glitter, or whatever your favorite decorated egg is.)

Open bag; begin flattening from bottom up; scrunching bag into several compressed layers; forming bag into round base. Using small twigs, place glue on bottom of twigs, laying criss-cross around outside edge of “nest base”. Continue gluing and setting twigs until desired height and fullness. Using Spanish moss (or other strings, ribbons etc.,) weave through the twigs, taking care not to move twigs. Secure with a few drops of glue around the bag. (If twigs move easy, wait for glue to dry before continuing.)
Additional adornments may be added as desired.

Use as place settings by adding each guests name to one egg; group several with different style decorated eggs; or simply place plain colored eggs into nest, and leave for decorations.

This is a great project for kids; using craft glue and their imaginations, they can make the nest as personal as they like.

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