Easter Egg Animals



Skip the dye and transform your Easter eggs into your favorite creatures using a few craft supplies, and a lot of imagination!









  • Hard-boiled white or brown eggs
  • Craft felt or cardstock; suggested colors: dark brown, tan, light pink, white, light blue, gray, and gold glitter
    • A stiff felt will work better*
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Tacky Glue
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush(es)
  • Cotton ball or felt ball for certain animals




  1. Paint a hard-boiled or hollowed egg yellow
  2. Fold a piece of felt or card stock in half and cut out a ¼” triangle with the bottom being the fold of the felt/card stock (creating the beak)
  3. Once egg is dry, paint eyes on
  4. Glue beak onto egg
  5. If desired, add flourishes with either pressed flowers or feathers to the top and side of the egg


  1. Cut a set of bunny ears about 2” tall out of gray felt
  2. Cut out a slightly smaller set of inner bunny ears (around 1 ¾” tall) out of pink or white felt
  3. Glue the inner ear to the outer ear using tacky glue
  4. Hot glue the ears to a hard-boiled or hollowed-out egg
  5. Hot glue a cotton ball or felt ball tail to the back of the egg
  6. Paint or draw a bunny face onto the egg
  7. Add a cute bit of rosy cheek accent using pink paint or marker


  1. Paint a light pink oval onto a hard-boiled or hollowed-out egg
  2. Cut a set of ¾” rounded-edged triangles out of white felt
  3. Pinch an edge of the triangle to cup the ear a bit and hot glue
  4. Glue the ears to the side of the egg
  5. Cut a ½” circle out of pink felt for the lamb tail
  6. Glue the tail to the back of the egg
  1. Using black paint or a marker draw the lamb face inside the pink oval


  1. Paint or dye a hard-boiled or hollowed-out egg the magical color of your choice (suggestions: pink, teal, purple)… we are using pink
  2. Cut a set of ½” tall triangles out of pink felt (or the same color you made your egg)
  3. Cut a set of ¼” tall triangles out of a contrasting color (we went with blue)
  4. Tacky Glue the smaller triangles to the larger to form the ears
  5. Cut a 2” tall triangle out of gold glitter cardstock (or whatever you’d like the horn to be)
  6. Roll the triangle to form the horn and tacky glue to close
  7. Glue horn and ears to egg
  8. Paint or draw face onto egg
  9. For extra flourish, add small flowers or glitter to the unicorn around the ears and horn



If your craft felt is too flimsy, you can always spray with a fabric stiffener!

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