Reconsidering the Rules of Your Healthy Diet


Unfortunately, with all of the diet fads and false information in the media, many people today have the wrong ideas about dieting. Practices like removing certain foods completely and restricting to only a small variety of foods not only leaves you deprived of essential nutrients, but may also lead to negative thoughts about living a healthy lifestyle. Knowing the right facts about topics such as healthy vs. bad fats, cholesterol, portion size, and food restriction is vital in following a good diet plan.

One example of a food that gets a bad reputation when dieting is eggs. People who are at risk for high cholesterol or trying to lose weight tend to stay away from them because they are under the impression that they are too high in cholesterol and that the yolks contain too much fat. This, however, is not completely true. Follow the link below to read more about the true facts of healthy dieting.



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