German Spaetzle

2016 Second Place NC State Fair: Paula Edwards, Wilson


Prep Time: 10 Mins

Cook Time: 45 Mins

Makes: 12 Servings


4 cups flour
2 ½ tsp. salt
1 ½ cup milk
6 eggs
3 cups cooked chicken breast
2 cups dried cranberries, diced
1 cup shelled pistachio pieces


In a large bowl combine flour and salt. In a small bowl whisk milk and eggs. Add milk mixture to the flour mixture and blend thoroughly.

The water and seasoning in the pot should be at a low boil as you begin dropping the dough. Push spaetzli dough through a large holed colander into heated broth. This can also be achieved by using two spoons working the dough off one spoon bits at a time, the larger the bits, the larger the dumplings. Stir occasionally while adding spaetzle dough. The dough will immediately form dumplings. As you continue to make dumplings, those in the pot are cooking. Every so often stir them so the new dumplings are not creating a “pile.” Therefore, by the time you are finished forming the dumplings they are cooked. At this point, just turn them off and add cooked chicken and let it cool a bit, before adding the pistachios and cranberries. The consistency of the broth will also thicken.

Five minutes before serving, add prepared cranberries and pistachios.

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