New Year, New You: Reasons why you should be eating more eggs in 2014!


You’ve resolved to make a change to a low-carb lifestyle. You’ve been diligent – watching everything you eat. And it’s working. But the biggest roadblock is boredom. Sound familiar?

Changing eating habits is never easy, but there is no reason to resort to the same tired menu choices. Rely on these recipes to perk up your meals and eliminate the drudgery. With zero carbs, eggs provide the foundation for a variety of quick-to-fix dishes – all naturally delicious. What more incentive do you need to keep eggs at the top of your shopping list? But there is more. Breaking out of the monotony results in eggstra benefits:

1. Perfect Snack: what could be a more perfect snack for a low-carb lifestyle than a hard-cooked egg? Make a dozen to eat plain, stuffed, or in salads and sandwiches. Keep them for up to a week in the refrigerator.

2. Versatile: Eggs define versatility. Pair eggs with a wide array of other foods for thousands of satisfying scrumptious meals –from breakfast through dessert.

3. Convenient: Eggs plus a frying pan equals meals-in-a-flash. Whether scrambled, fried, or poached – from a frittata to an omelet – start with these recipes and then substitute your favorite ingredients to create customized meals that are eggsactly your way.

4. Satisfying: Eggs are satisfying. Their moderate fat content keeps your stomach from emptying too quickly. So you wont feel starved – or be tempted to snack.

5. High-Quality Protein: All proteins are not the same – there’s a difference in how efficiently our bodies can use protein. After mother’s milk, eggs contain the highest quality food protein. All the protein in an egg is absorbed and retained, giving it a maximum digestibility score.

6. Essential Amino Acids: Eggs contain complete proteins. All the amino acids your body needs are found in an egg in just the right proportions – making it easy to build and maintain lean body mass.

7. Portion Control: Eggs come in their own neat little package, so you can make the exact amount needed – whether you’re serving one or twenty.

8. Value: One egg has as much protein as an ounce of lean meat, poultry, or fish. Pound for pound, it’s a better protein buy.

With zero carbs – and eggstreme versatility – count on eggs to add eggcitement to your meals!

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