It’s National Egg Month – Let’s Get Eggucated!


National Egg month is finally upon us, and we are so eggcited about it! It’s an entire month dedicated to eggs! We thought the best way to celebrate our favorite month of the year was to “Get Eggucated!” Throughout May, we will be sharing tips about eggs, introducing NC Egg farmers, sharing new recipes every week, and much more!


To help get you as eggcited as we are, we wanted to share the highlights of this month and urge you to keep on the lookout for these items via social media.


First off, a little eggucation…


Did you know that eggs have a positive effect on eye health? True story. They are nutrient rich, and include two very important nutrients when it comes to eyes – lutein and zeaxanthin. Read more about that here. We will continue to share with you more interesting facts about eggs weekly via Facebook.


New Recipes!

Aside from some interesting facts we will share with you throughout the month, we have a bunch of new recipes that are perfect for summer! We will be introducing a new recipe EVERY WEEK via Facebook so stay tuned. You can also find the new recipes under our egg recipe section. To start, here is one of our favorites out of the group, Baked Avocado Eggs with Spicy Sriracha!


Spicy Sriracha Baked Avocado Eggs!

sriracha baked avocado eggs_nc egg

Sriracha seems to be all the craze now. Join in on the fun by trying this delicious, easy, and healthy recipe that is perfect for kickstarting that metabolism in the morning!

Get the full recipe here.


Meet the Farmers

Now what about the people who make all of this possible – our NC Egg Farmers? Ever wonder what they’re job entails? Well, you’re in luck! We have a series of videos that introduce you to some of our NC Egg farmers, what they are passionate about, and some insights on everyday tasks.


Watch the overview here.


Stay Tuned

Well that’s all for now folks but stay tuned for more eggucation. Feel free to view the National Egg Month calendar  for more info about the benefits of eggs! And don’t forget to help us celebrate #NationalEggMonth, let’s #GetEggucated !

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