National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day


It’s national “Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day”, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, today is the perfect day to make a clean space for the preparation and leftovers of Turkey Day. Here at the North Carolina Egg Association, we’ve come up with some helpful ways to get the most out of cleaning your fridge. Since eggs act as binders, you may find some tasty way to salvage some ingredients in your fridge. So grab a carton (or use the ones that are getting close to expiration) and take note of these useful tips:

*Note: Check expiration dates on all food items before using them in your recipes. If the food is out of date, go ahead and throw it away so you don’t accidentally consume them. Food Safety should be your first priority in this project.

1. Make an omelet: Omelets are perfect ways to salvage veggies, meats, and cheese before giving them a toss. As noted above, it’s important to check the expiration date on all foods before using them. Directions are simple and easy – you’ll have a delicious meal in less than 5 minutes. Click here to read our instructions on how to make an omelet OR here to see our video instructions.

2. Baking a treat: You may be surprised at how many items in your refrigerator can be used in baking: eggs, milk, fruits, jellies and jam, butter – the list goes on. Try this Apple Meringue Tort!

3. Get creative: Because they are so versatile and nutritional, eggs can accompany any meal! When we’re cleaning out our refrigerators, we love to make an “Everything but the Kitchen Sink Burger” – which is exactly what it sounds like: everything you have available and like on a burger (lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, mushrooms, mustard, ketchup, etc.) – topped with a fried egg!

As always, we value and promote food safety. If anything is in the slightest bit questionable, we recommend throwing the food away! We hope everyone has a tasty, fun, and SAFE day cleaning out your refrigerator!

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