The Braswells

Nashville, NC


Being a North Carolina egg farmer means a lot to fourth-generation farmer Trey Braswell. It means being a vital part of his community in Nashville, North Carolina, and having the honor of producing nutritious food for people. It also means he and his team at Braswell Family Farms has the responsibility to add value to the lives of their teammates, families, communities and customers. Since 1943, Braswell Family Farms has been involved in the community, growing as the needs of the community grew.


“I’m a huge fan of agriculture, North Carolina and our people. I get to meet so many great folks in our facilities and around the state because of what I do. I get the opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives and it’s my goal to be a positive influence.”


What measures are being taken on your farm to ensure the health of your hens?

We walk through our hen houses multiple time each day to check the welfare of the birds, making sure the feed and water systems are working properly and monitoring ventilation. The hens receive a wholesome diet with the nutrients and vitamins they need. They have plenty of area to scratch, dust bathe, perch and roost – normal hen activities. And many of our flocks have access to the outdoors, too.


What is your role on the farm?

As president of Braswell Family Farms, I oversee everything from the day-to-day functions of egg farming to the overall vision and mission of the business. I love that I touch every part of the business and I’m always looking for ways to improve.


How is your farm involved in the community?

It’s so important for us to be an enriching part of our community. We love our community and we love agriculture, so we want to play a part in making our community better every day. We employ local folks, buy products from local farmers and give back to mission-driven organizations. As part of our mission to enrich the community, we make ongoing donations, including egg donations, to local food banks and other communities in need across North Carolina.


What does it mean to work with your family?

Like most family farmers, I started working on the farm in high school. After attending college at North Carolina State University, I stepped into a leadership role with Braswell Family Farms, and it’s been like drinking water from a firehose! It’s a great honor and responsibility to work with my family and I appreciate the work that was put in long before I was part of the business. I love having the opportunity to serve people and serve God.


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