Lake Wagner

Andrews, NC


Lake Wagner is a fourth-generation egg farmer and is the owner and operator of Dutt & Wagner, which has an egg farm in Western North Carolina and one in Southwest Virginia, producing 219 million eggs each year. Lake is proud to be part of the local and national egg farming community and to support providing safe, healthy food,


“It is important to me to provide an affordable source of protein to communities in North Carolina and across the Southeast.”


What measures are taken on your farm to ensure the health of your hens?

Happy hens lay eggs! That’s why it’s important to closely monitor the health of our flock. We pay careful attention to the behavior of our hens and work with a veterinarian to maintain excellent hen health. A nutritionist ensures feed includes the nutrients our hens need. And, most importantly, our hens have constant access to fresh feed and water, and they live in barns that are properly ventilated so they have fresh air.


What does it mean to work with your family?

I was born into egg farming. In my role on the farm now, I oversee sales and marketing, and my father, Rodney, is on the production side. Together we make a great team and it’s nice to work together to manage different aspects of the farm.


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