Elias Hendrix

Pantego, NC


Elias Hendrix oversees eight egg farms for Rose Acre Farms. He started visiting farms when he was a young child with his father, and it sparked interest in him to become part of the egg industry. Elias hasn’t looked back since moving from South America to start a site in 2016 in Arizona for egg farming and then moving to NC to work for Rose Acre Farms.


“Being a North Carolina egg farmer has given me a great opportunity to work with other local farmers, vendors and the community to help provide our employees a better livelihood.”



What does it mean to work with your family?

Working with family is very rewarding. Several of my cousins and siblings who are 3rd generation are now working at Rose Acre Farms which gave us the opportunity to grow up together, spend time together and build a bright future for our employees and communities.


What measures are taken on your farm to protect and preserve the environment?

We work with the state concerning nutrient management plans. The wastewater is used as fertilizer for growing crops. The manure from around the farm is sold to local farmers from whom we purchase high-quality corn to feed our hens. It’s a big circle. And we use solar energy to reduce our carbon footprint.


What is your favorite part about being a North Carolina egg farmer?

The egg industry is constantly changing. What I enjoy most is getting to know the people at the farms that produce a high-quality, nutritious egg for our end consumers.


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