The Manesses

Star, North Carolina


Edward Maness’ family has been farming for almost 100 years! Edward, a fourth-generation egg farmer, is president of Bumpers Fork Farms in Star, North Carolina, and manages four organic egg houses for Cal-Maine Foods. He and his family also raise broiler chickens and beef cattle, as well as grow hay.


“I grew up on our family farm, but I didn’t come back to what I really loved – farming – for nearly 20 years after working in the textile industry.”


What measures are being taken on your farm to protect and preserve the environment and the health of your hens?

We use common sense practices—following our waste management plan and limiting our use of chemicals. We follow biosecurity and animal welfare guidelines set by the industry. Plus, our experience in observing and caring for our hens is a valuable tool in maintaining the health and productivity of our flock. Our farm was a finalist for the North Carolina Poultry Federation Environmental Award in 2014.


What does it mean to be a North Carolina egg farmer and work within your community?

We consider it a privilege to help produce food for our community and our world. Working together with my family and our faith in God is a huge strength of our family. We love that being egg farmers in North Carolina allows us to remain a viable family farm.


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