Bryce McCory

Pantego, NC


Bryce McCory is part of the Emerging Leadership Program at Rose Acre Farms, training to work in management at the farm and learning about each department. He oversees several egg farms at Rose Acre Farms and cares for a little over three million birds in North Carolina.


“When I was a kid, I followed both my mom and dad to the farms and loved seeing the chickens. I grew up with a love for animals, and working in the egg industry was a great way to grow that love for animals and be able to take care of hens.”



What measures are taken on your farm to ensure the health of your hens?

We monitor the environment, air, water and feed for our hens 24/7. We also follow bio-security procedures to keep our hens healthy, and we make sure all employees are trained to take proper care of the hens.


What is your favorite part about being a North Carolina egg farmer?

I love that we are an integral part of our communities, donating often to local food banks, churches and fire departments.


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