Alex Simpson

Monroe, NC


For fourth-generation farmer Alex Simpson, being an egg farmer means making a difference in his community, taking pride in what he does and making an honest living doing what he loves.
He is proud to be part of Simpson’s Eggs and help provide communities in North Carolina and surrounding states with nutritious and affordable local eggs. There are new challenges every day
and that’s what makes it rewarding.


“Ever since I was a little boy, I have worked toward becoming a farmer and running my family’s egg farm. As a kid I dreamed of doing what my dad did for a living – farming, working with the hens and providing eggs for our customers.”


What is your role on the farm?

I oversee the day-to-day operations from our youngest day-old chicks to making sure our fresh eggs are delivered to grocery stores across North Carolina. I’m also a people manager, working closely with all of our farm employees to ensure safe eggs for consumers.


What measures are taken on your farm to ensure the health of your hens?

Taking care of the hens is our top priority on the farm. We monitor the temperature, air quality, water and feed for our hens 24/7. We follow strict biosecurity measures to keep our hens healthy. And all of our workers are thoroughly trained on how to take the best care of and protect our hens.


What measures are taken on your farm to protect and preserve the environment?

We work with and follow North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality guidelines and environmental regulations. We manage our waste application according to DEQ guidelines, and our manure goes back onto our land as fertilizer. Our plant wastewater is also used as fertilizer, and many of our crops are managed with no-till techniques.


What does it mean to work with your family?

I love it! My granddad worked until he was 94, and my father worked until he passed. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with my family every day – a joy that a lot of people don’t get to have. I don’t take one second for granted and I hope that, if he wants, my son will become an egg farmer, too, and take over the business.


What is your favorite way to eat eggs?

I start EVERY morning with four scrambled eggs – 24 grams of delicious protein in less than five minutes! Of course, I never shy away from eggs at any other time of the day either. A simple thin-cut steak with two over-easy eggs on top for supper is my all-time favorite meal and I try to make it at least once each week.



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