Meet 4 North Carolina Egg Farming Families


North Carolina is home to 9 million laying hens that lay more than 7.5 million eggs each day. Meet four of the egg farmers who provide excellent animal care while producing safe, healthy eggs and protecting the environment on and around their farms for future generations.


Simpson’s Eggs

Family owned-and-operated since 1925, four generations have joined the family business since its creation. The Simpson’s farm covers more than 215 acres and is located approximately 20 miles east of Charlotte. The farm houses 1.4 million hens that lay 1.2 million or more eggs on any given day.


Braswell Family Farms

A fourth-generation family-owned farm, Braswell Family Farms was established in 1943. The farm is a founding member of Eggland’s Best, and many of its eggs are packaged as Eggland’s Best eggs. Braswell is a proud member of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture’s Goodness Grows program and is an active supporter of local, sustainable farming practices to deliver fresh, safe and tasty eggs to consumers.


Rose Acre Farms

Rose Acre Farms is one of the largest egg-producing farms in the U.S. Since its beginning in the 1930s, the family-owned farm values the same excellence and integrity that have guided it since the beginning. Rose Acre Farms is an innovative industry leader in egg production, with 17 facilities in eight states, including one in Hyde County, North Carolina.


Dutt & Wagner

Founded over four generations ago in the 1920s, Dutt & Wagner has deep roots in egg farming and takes pride in the excellence and quality of its egg production and distribution. They have farms in Virginia and in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Dutt & Wagner processes an average of 680,000 eggs each day and 19.5 million dozen eggs per year.

All of North Carolina’s egg farmers are committed to the highest animal welfare and environmental stewardship standards. They work every day to fill grocery store shelves, so customers always have fresh eggs available – 365 days a year – because hens don’t stop laying eggs on weekends or holidays! To learn more about egg farming in North Carolina, visit our website.

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