Fry An Egg On the Fourth!


This year, Independence day is not the only holiday on July 4th; this year, National “Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk” day also falls on the 4th of July. In Death Valley, the hottest place in the United States, it can get up to 130 degrees. Because it gets so hot there, tons of people have tried frying eggs on rocks, and park employees have urged them to stop. Mostly because frying an egg on the ground or a rock does not work, but one person has successfully fried an egg from the sun and heat in a skillet.

Fortunately, North Carolina does not get to 130 degrees Fahrenheit; the high temperature was set in 2012 at 101. So instead of making a mess on the sidewalk this Independence day, try these great recipes that are sure to make you the star of any cookout you attend:

For two easy side dishes try cooling down with some Classic Egg Salad (recipe here:, and sparking your appetite with Firecracker Deviled Eggs (recipe here: Both recipes will help fill you up and give you energy while you are swimming around in the pool or grilling out in the heat.

For some tasty dessert, try this Lemon Delight Chess Pie (recipe here:  and some Chocolate Raspberry Bars (recipe here: There is nothing like taking an afternoon nap in the sun after eating some dessert, or chowing down while watching fireworks. Whichever you prefer, these are the best dessert recipes for this year’s 4th of July.

Remember, don’t try cooking any of these recipes on the side walk!

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