Father’s Day 2016


Father’s Day is a great day to show your dad just how much you appreciate him and all he has done for you by giving him a nice gift and a thoughtful card. Unfortunately, this is the reality– it sneaks up on you every year and you spend the last few hours the night before scrambling to come up with something, anything that he would appreciate. But that’s the thing; your dad doesn’t necessarily want another material good. This year, it’s time to make a change and show your dad just how thoughtful you can be with the help of Tegg. Tegg has a few ideas of recipes that will not only give him plenty of energy for his day, but also that will show him just how much you care:


Reuben Quiche

Bacon & Egg Nachos

Bacon, Sausage & Tot Frittata

Hamburger Pie

Deviled Eggs with Legs


Hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day!

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