Creative Easter Egg Crafts & Recipes Your Family Will Love

Find creative Easter egg decorating ideas and new recipes to try this Easter- from glow-in-the-dark or tie-dye eggs to cute bunny cupcakes or mini carrot cakes. Our Easter Hub is your one-stop-shop!


8 Easy Egg Decorating Ideas
Want to “think outside the shell” and decorate eggs in new and fun ways? Learn how to dye eggs naturally with foods and spices you have on hand at home and have a nighttime Easter egg hunt with glow-in-the-dark eggs.

Glow-in-the-Dark Eggs: Decorate your eggs to glow under a blacklight. The more you dip the eggs in neon dye, the more out-of-this-world the eggs will be! What you need: neon paint, white vinegar, blacklight

Marbled Eggs: For a fun, swirly afternoon project, grab some nail polish and get to work on these colorful eggs. What you need: toothpicks, wire egg dropper, wax paper, nail polish (use kids’ edible polish, like Kid Licksis, if you plan to eat the eggs)

Tie-Dye Eggs: Roll up your sleeves to make these groovy, brightly-colored eggs. What you need: paper napkins/towels, rubber bands, rubber gloves, food coloring, a spray bottle, vinegar

Whipped Cream Eggs: Use this foamy, delicious sweet treat to add a creative, whispy texture. What you need: food coloring, whipped cream, drying rack

Glitter Eggs: Make your eggs really sparkle by adding glitter designs to fresh or dyed eggs. What you need: glue, glitter, egg cartons

Natural Dyed Eggs: Instead of using the traditional color kit, try using natural ingredients to give eggs a vibrant hue. Best of all, you’ll find most of these items in your pantry or refrigerator. What you need: turmeric, red cabbage, cranberries, frozen chopped spinach, canned beets cranberry juice, white vinegar

Fun Egg Crafts

After decorating eggs, it’s time to think about crafts outside the egg carton. Try this centerpiece craft to spruce up your house for Easter or make these egg shell planters to start a garden.

Centerpieces: This fun egg craft combines decorated eggs with easy-to-find items. Brighten up any table in the house in time for the Easter holiday! What you need: decorated eggs, lunch-size brown bag, small twigs, dried leaves, Spanish moss, glue gun, ribbon or other decorative adornments

Eggshell planters: As the scents of spring fill the air outside, why not bring some of that freshness inside? The season of new beginnings, spring is a time for new growth. With this craft you can have the buds of spring sprout on your window sill! What you need: empty dyed eggshells, cotton, planting soil and herb seeds

Remember to always use food-safe decorating materials if you plan to eat your eggs after dying. Learn more about egg safety.


Easter Recipe Ideas

Cook up something new this Easter! Enjoy cooking these easy recipes together at home.

Easter Bunny Cupcakes: Make adorable Easter Bunny-themed cupcakes from scratch with buttercream frosting. Top with coconut flakes!

Carrot Cake Mini Stacks with Cream Cheese Frosting: Everyone can enjoy their very own triple-stacked carrot cake this Easter.

Bunnies’ Tres Leches Mini Cakes: A sweet Easter treat, soak fluffy white cake in three different kinds of milk to make Tres Leches Cake. Add a dollop of whipped cream on top!

Overnight French Toast: Do all the prep work ahead for this gorgeous breakfast or brunch recipe featuring fresh spring berries.

Eggs in a Basket: Cook eggs in a loaf of sourdough bread to make Eggs in a Basket this Easter.





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