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Welcome, students! Lisa Prince is the executive director of the North Carolina Egg Association, which represents egg farmers from the mountains to the coast who produce and distribute eggs to stores that sell eggs or serve eggs; grocery stores, convenient stores, pharmacies, restaurants and food service establishments.

According to USDA, North Carolina ranks 9th in table egg production and has around 9 million laying hens. Those hens lay close to 7 million eggs a DAY! That is about one hen for every person in North Carolina.

Lisa’s challenge to students participating in the North Carolina Commodity Challenge is to create their own cooking show featuring a recipe that incorporates eggs for dinner. This isn’t breakfast for dinner but instead using the incredible egg to elevate and enhance dinner creations. Looking for some ideas? Head to our recipe section. Need some inspiration? Check out this video.

Download more information about the North Carolina Commodity Challenge and how to share your video on social media here.

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Instagram Live chat with two North Carolina egg farmers – Braswell Family Farms & Simpson’s Eggs

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