Somebunny Got a New Website!

We're Celebrating Easter this year with a brand new website. Find out what's new!


What’s new

North Carolinians can now learn about N.C. egg farmers, the health and nutritional benefits associated with eggs, learn new recipes, cooking methods and have fun with the entire family easily from any device.

Optimized for mobile and tablets, our new site has four major sections to easily find what you are looking for:




Get egg-ucated and stay up to date with the newest information, tips & tricks and fun facts by reading our “Blegg“!


nc egg_screenshot of blog page




The most popular section of our website has been revamped for easier navigation, easier to follow instructions, and the ability to search for ingredients (for the rare occasion there is something more important than the egg). Another fun addition is the ability to “like” all the recipes you’ve tried or want to try. We want to know your favorite recipes!


See our Featured Easter recipes:

nc egg_screenshot of featured recipes page

*To like a recipe all you have to do is click the heart right underneath the recipe title.





Whether your goal is to play on a Division 1 football team or to just live a healthier lifestyle, proper nutrition plays an important role. Here you can see how eggs are nature’s perfect nutrition nugget!

nc egg_screenshot of nutrition center page





There is more here than just recipes. Learn how to cook eggs, keep them safe, and have fun with the entire family.

nc egg_screenshot of resources page


Visit our Easter page!

Celebrate the most EGG-cellent holiday with Easter crafts, videos, coloring books, and all sorts of fun activities.  Visit our Pinterest page for tons of Easter Ideas, Activities, and Recipes!




Farm to Table:

North Carolina’s egg farmers invite you to learn more about where eggs come from and the efforts they make to take care of our communities, hens and planet.


Get to know our Farmers!

nc egg screenshot of farming page



We hope you have a fun-filled egg-sperience on our new site and a very hoppy Easter!


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