5 Sweet n’ Spooky Pumpkin Recipes

Fall in love with these pumpkin recipes that are perfectly spiced and everything nice.


The leaves are falling and there are pumpkins everywhere.


That can only mean one thing– it’s officially Fall! What better way to take advantage of this warm and fuzzy season than experimenting with delicious recipes?

So grab that spice, spice baby and trick or treat yourself to some fab-boo-lous pumpkin filled dishes. Tis the season to go big or gourd home!


Happy baking, and happy fall!



caramel pumpkin torter_nc egg

Sink your teeth into this decadent pumpkin filled torte with a delicious hint of caramel.

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pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting nc egg

Our mouths are watering just thinking about these!

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pumpkin protein pudding

This recipe is our newest edition and we could not be more eggcited to share it with the world!

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pumpkin bread nc egg

Who knew pumpkin + bread would be such a match made in heaven!

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slow cooker pumpkin pecan bread pudding

Set and forget it…then thank us later!

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