4 Recipes That Put the Treat in Trick-or-Treat


It’s spooky season! While eggs aren’t scary—there are so many festive ways to incorporate them into your Halloween menu. Whether you are preparing treats for your children’s school Halloween parties or a work potluck, or you want to munch on candy alternatives during trick-or-treat, these four recipes are a fun way to get in the spooky spirit. 

  1. Bloodshot Eyeball Deviled Eggs – Wicked-looking deviled eggs are a little creepy—and a lot delicious! Watch this video to see how to make them.  
  2. Candy Bar Cake – Candy is one of the first things we all think of when we think of Halloween, and this cake is a sweet twist on the iconic chocolate bar that everyone hopes for in their trick-or-treat bags!  
  3. Halloween Deviled Eggs – Use pimento cheese to make deviled eggs shaped like pumpkins! This is the perfect savory treat to complement all the usual sweets.  
  4. Spooky Vanilla Ghost Meringue Cookies – BOO! Make friendly-looking ghosts out of puffy white meringue. Use chocolate chips for eyes and you have the perfect treat for Halloween parties. 

If you love these recipes, we have more Halloween-inspired ideas that you can find here! 

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