4 Egg Safety Tips to Remember at Summer Picnics & Cookouts


Warm weather is here, and that means enjoying all the summer festivities like picnics, cookouts and road trips! Egg salad, deviled eggs and similar dishes are perfect for these events, but there are important safety tips to keep in mind when taking eggs along for outdoor events and excursions. 


  1. Use a Clean, Well-Insulated Cooler and LOTS of Ice Packs
    Bacteria can quickly grow when foods like eggs are not stored at the proper temperature (45°F or colder). Make sure to pack your cooler with ice packs, frozen water bottles or other frozen foods, and keep it in an air-conditioned car as long as possible.
  1. Refrigerate Perishable Foods Immediately
    Eggs age more in one day at room temperature than they will in one week in the refrigerator. Once you get those leftovers home, be sure to get them in the fridge ASAP!
  1. Toss Food That Has Been Sitting Out Too Long
    If an egg dish has been sitting out at room temperature or above for more than two hours, it should be thrown out instead of stored for later.
  1. How Long Are Hard-Boiled Eggs Safe to Eat?
    If the eggs are placed in the fridge within two hours after boiling them and kept in their shells, then used within one week of being hard-boiled, they’re safe to eat!

For more tips on safely handling and storing eggs, check out our Food Safety Resource Hub here 


Do you have any fun summer events like the Fourth of July where you plan to bring eggs? Tag us in photos on Facebook or Instagram and show us what you make! Need ideas? Check out our recipes page filled with ideas perfect for summertime events here. 


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