3 Back to School Tips for Growing Minds


It’s that time of year again.


Eagerly awaited by parents and cringed at by kids, back-to-school is upon us. With the start of the new school year, it is important to help your kids develop or re-establish healthy routines, especially in the morning. Help their growing minds with these nutritious recipes and words of encouragement.


Eat Better. Learn Better

One way to prepare your kid for their day is to start them off with a healthy, protein-packed breakfast. Studies show that a substantial breakfast boosts school performance, memory, and attention, while also promoting longer periods of fullness. Further, kids who eat high protein breakfasts are less likely to be overweight and have behavioral problems in school.


Eggs are the Perfect Protein

Eggs are the perfect addition to any healthy breakfast! Not only does a single large egg contain six grams of high-quality protein, but it’s also chock-full of amino acids, unique antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals perfect for growing minds. A breakfast with eggs provides your kids with everything they need to be an Incredible Kid! For more information about the health benefits of eating eggs in the morning watch this video.

To help you help your kids conquer each morning, we have assembled a number of egg breakfast recipes inspired by the back-to-school season.


Protein Packed Pancakes

Protein-Packed-Pancakes-NC Egg

Got picky eaters in the house? Try this twist on a classic! Our Protein Packed Pancakes are powered by eggs and are sure to provide your kid with enough protein to fuel their morning. You can also use this recipe to create your own freezer pancakes that can easily be reheated in the toaster on those hurried weekday mornings!


Microwave Breakfast Flatbread Pizza

Microwave-Breakfast-Flatbread-Pizza-NC Egg

You can’t really go wrong with pizza for breakfast! This Microwave Breakfast Flatbread Pizza recipe doesn’t take long to make, and it’s sure to get kids to the breakfast table. Pair this easy-to-make recipe with some fresh fruit for a well-rounded breakfast!


Egg, Sausage, and Cheese Breakfast Bowls


These Egg, Sausage, and Cheese Breakfast Bowls are an easy and mess-free way to jumpstart your morning. Mix all of your ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl, heat, and enjoy! It’s that easy!


For more back-to-school inspired recipes click here!


They’re Incredible because…

In most cases, motivation is our reason to act. By praising children, it gives them confidence and motivation to conquer their dreams. Gathering approval from adults they look up to becomes increasingly more important as they grow older. “When praising children, it is most important to focus on their efforts and achievements. Praise that is specific and acknowledges the processes of completing an activity or solving a problem helps develop children’s learning and motivation,” says kidsmatter.edu.

Letting children know how incredible they are can be as small as adding an encouraging note in their lunch box, or as big as entering them into a nationwide contest. Whatever the case may be, let them know how incredible they are because they’re worth it.


Find out how Olympic gymnast, Laurie Hernandez is advocating for healthy eating, and incredible kids.


We wish you and your family an incredible school year!

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