18 Summer Recipes for Any Mood


Summer is finally here, which means lots of cook outs, reunions, and family gatherings. Sometimes prepping for a crowd can be stressful. What we decide to make for such events, sometimes depends on the mood we’re in. Sometimes we may want to go above and beyond and wow the crowd. Other times we may want to play it safe and make an old favorite we know everyone enjoys. So, we’ve got 18 recipe suggestions that are sure to match whatever cooking mood you’re in.


Feeling Nostalgic

These are recipes most of us have seen or tried before. We know they work because they are a popular favorite. Being old fashioned is a well-respected trend, so why not take it to the kitchen? Throw it back to the basics by making some dishes most of us have come to love.


Easy Classic Deviled Eggs

 nc egg-easy-classic-deviled-egg


Celery Cheese Swirls

nc egg cheese-stuffed-celery-sticks_large


Banana Pudding

nc egg banana-pudding-2-550x413



Feeling Spontaneous

Having an on the fly get together with some friends? These recipes are perfect for those times you want to show off your cooking skills, but don’t have much time to plan. They’re classic dishes with a delightful twist that are sure to please your guests’ taste buds.


Bacon & Cheddar Deviled Eggs

nc egg Bacon-Cheddar-Deviled-Eggs


Buffalo Egg Salad Celery Sticks

NC Egg Buffalo-Egg-Salad-550x413


Banana Cream Pie




Feeling Adventurous

Adventures can be risky, but most of the time they are well worth it in the end. Feel like trying something you haven’t made before? These are a perfect for satisfying that craving for adventure.


Avocado Ranch Deviled Eggs



Confetti Egg Salad Sandwiches

NC Egg Confetti-Egg-Salad-Sandwich-compressed-jpg-550x413


Mini Lemon Meringue Pie




Feeling Fancy

Sometimes we’re feeling fancy and want to take our hosting up a notch. These recipes are perfect for a special event, an extra lavish brunch, or an elaborate dinner party. Whatever the occasion, these recipes are guaranteed to impress your guests.


Pickled Deviled Eggs

NC Egg Pickled-Deviled-Eggs-1296-550x413


Chicken Almond Finger Sandwiches

nc egg chicken and almond sandwiches


Apple Meringue Torte

nc egg Apple-Meringue-Torte



Feeling Healthy

These recipes are great for when you are in need of something healthy but don’t want to go too crazy. They are easy to make and simple enough to not scare off anyone. Add these simple dishes to a family brunch and you are golden.


Veggie Pops

Veggie Pops_NC Egg


Mini Breakfast Pizzas

NC Egg_Mini Breakfast Pizzas


Eggs Benedict Breakfast Bar

NC Egg_Brunch Bar



Feeling Festive

Want to try something out of the ordinary, or perhaps make a more traditional dish that reminds you of where you’re from? These recipes were inspired by places from around the globe. Great for any occassion.


Worldly Deviled Eggs

NC Egg_Worldly Deviled Eggs


Fiesta Victory Casserole

NC Egg_Fiesta Victory Casserole


Egg & Polish Sausage Stuffed Potatoes

NC Egg_Polish Potatoes


Whatever the mood and whatever the recipe, we hope these summer treats satisfy all your cravings!

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