Time to lay an egg

To answer the question, you need to do these math problems:

365 (days in a year) times 24 (hours in a day) = X (hours in a year)

X (hours in a year) divided by 257 (eggs laid in a year) = Y (hours to lay one egg)

The answers to the math problems are:

X = 8,760 hours in a year

Y = about 34 (34.085603) hours to lay one egg

The actual time it takes for a hen to make an egg and lay it is 24 to 26 hours. Then the hen rests about 30 minutes or so before starting to make another one. In addition to resting about 1/2 hour each time an egg is laid, some hens rest about every 3 to 5 days and others rest about every 10 days. Some hens hardly rest at all. The resting times increase the total time to lay an egg. Altogether, with all the resting times, the average hen lays about 5 eggs a week (52 weeks in a year times 5 eggs a week = 260 eggs a year).