Time for New Traditions

Time for New Traditions

Is it your turn to host the annual family Easter celebration? Whether you’re planning for a large or small crowd, NC Egg has some new twists on traditional recipes and crafts that will make your planning easier so you can join in on the fun with all your guests.

And why not create some new memories this year? In addition to Classic Deviled Eggs, serve up some Pickled Deviled Eggs made colorful with beet juice.  Create an Eggs Benedict Breakfast Bar where guests can customize with their own toppings such as chopped bacon, slices of salmon or avocados. And an Asparagus Tomato Quiche is a delicious way to add green veggies to your meal – and it can be made ahead of time.

For the little ones, set up an Easter egg decorating table to make glitter eggs. Hard boil a dozen eggs and let cool. Place the eggs along with plastic bowls on the table. One bowl with about 2 inches of glue and one bowl each for different colors of glitter, about one inch in each. Kids can dip the eggs in the glue and then roll in the glitter and let dry.

These eggs-cellent ideas are sure to crack a smile with your brunch bunch!

NC Egg RecipeNC Egg RecipeNC Egg Recipe


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