The 10 Egg Commandments – World Egg Day!

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NC Egg Association’s 10 Egg Commandments


  1. Thou shalt eat eggs daily
  2. Thou shalt not steal eggs, but rather buy them from your local market
  3. Thy egg is thy friend
  4. Honor thou local egg farmer
  5. Respect the importance of World Egg Day (our special day)
  6. Thou shalt not overcook your egg
  7. Thou must know that eggs are an excellent source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals for a well-balanced diet
  8. Thou shalt not throw eggs at thy neighbor’s house
  9.  Share thy egg with thy neighbor.  See Commandment 8 on how NOT to do this.
  10. Eggs are an important part of our agricultural economy, hence thou shall always promote eggs