Get the real truth about eggs: Hormone Myths and Benefits of Eggs

Get the real truth about eggs: Hormone Myths and Benefits of Eggs
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Eating a healthy, high protein breakfast, such as eggs, is proven to be the best way to start your day for multiple reasons. First, it is especially important for children to consume a protein rich breakfast, rather than one high in sugar and carbs, in order to keep them feeling fuller for a longer period of time. Secondly, Iron-rich foods such as red meat, poultry, shellfish, eggs, dark leafy vegetables, and fortified grains are good ways to increased iron intake in teenagers who are active and growing rapidly. Lastly, protein helps adults maintain a healthy weight by satisfying their appetite and improving blood lipid profiles during weight loss.

Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about eating a hearty breakfast of eggs and more people are turning to smaller, quicker breakfast items such as low calorie yogurt that can be eaten on the go. Somehow many people mistakenly feel that eggs are no longer a healthy option, due to added hormones and steroids.

The Real Truth:
The myth about eggs containing added hormones is simply not true. Hormone use is illegal in the United States and many other countries. Strict controls are placed on the use of hormones and hormone-like substances in animal feeds. In no case is the supplementation of hormones approved for poultry. In fact, hormones are not even effective. The administration of growth hormone does not lead to increased growth in chickens. It also doesn’t make any sense economically. If 1 mg of hormones were to be administered to a broiler, the cost would be far in excess of the value of the chicken itself. Obviously, this makes no commercial sense. The bottom line is that hormones are just not needed.

Now, you may also be wondering about the use of steroids. The factor that makes steroids so effective is when it is combined with rigorous physical training, such as weightlifting. Chickens don’t even fly, so unless there is an alien breed of chickens entering in body building contests, they have absolutely no benefits from steroids.

Get more info about chickens and hormones here: Chickens Are Not Fed Hormones! Here Are 7 Reasons Why.

Making time for breakfast in the morning will more than likely set a more positive tone for the day. Taking that time with your children in the morning to mentally prepare for the day, while also fueling your bodies with nutritious food is certainly beneficial. If it can be a challenging to get your kids up and running, try making a hot breakfast that will be sure to lure them down to the kitchen faster than ever.

A good breakfast can be very simple to make. Here are a few delicious ideas.

*Melt a piece of cheese into scrambled eggs. Spoon the cheesy eggs into a pita pocket or onto bread, an English muffin, or a tortilla. Serve with orange juice.

*Make a fried egg and layer with slices of ham and veggies. Or, roll the egg, ham, and veggies up in a tortilla.
Remember that Small meals are better for toddlers and young children because of their small stomachs. Instead of three large meals, it’s better to serve them three small meals plus healthful snacks in-between meals.

*Mix in a banana and berries into some scrambled eggs for some delicious Fruit fried eggs.

So this summer, enjoy the highest quality protein of any food you can buy… the incredible edible egg!