The Egg Nog Story: Medieval, Debated, and Sometimes Boozy

The Egg Nog Story: Medieval, Debated, and Sometimes Boozy

‘Tis the season for holiday greetings… and egg nog!


Egg nog, the wonderfully rich, creamy, and sometimes spiked egg and milk drink, has been a staple at holiday parties and gatherings in the United States since colonial times.


While it is widely debated, most food historians believe that modern egg nog was inspired by “posset,” a hot, milky, ale-like drink that was served during the medieval times in Britain. By the 13th century, people had started drinking posset with eggs and figs. Once the drink crossed the pond and landed in America during the 1700s, it evolved into something more closely resembling the egg nog we know and love today.


But, where did the name “egg nog” come from? Some say that the term “nog” either stems from the word “noggin,” a Middle English term for a small wooden bowl, or “grog,” a strong beer. Regardless, by the 18th century, the phrase “egg nog” had stuck.


Made using eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla, and, on occasion, distilled spirits, the classic egg nog recipe hasn’t changed much over the years. However, the uses for egg nog are endless! People use egg nog for all kinds of recipes. Here are just a few of our favorite egg nog-inspired dishes!


Egg Nog Pie

Egg Nog Pie Recipe_NC Egg


Egg Nog Cake

Egg Nog Cake Recipe_From NC Egg


Egg Nog Squares

Egg Nog Squares Recipe_From NC Egg


No matter how you choose to serve your egg nog this holiday season, it’s sure to satisfy and impress your family and friends!


Happy Holidays from North Carolina’s Egg Farmers!