Dear Breakfast Food, A Poem For You

Dear Breakfast Food, A Poem For You
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Dear Sweet Tasty Breakfast Food,

Today, we’d like to share our deep appreciation by thanking you this Valentine’s day with a poem dedicated to you!


Dear breakfast food,

Oh, how we love thee,

You put us in the best mood

Every day of the week


No matter the style

Or how sweet the taste

Having you in our lives

Means no day goes to waste


Eggs over easy

Or waffles galore

Whatever which way

You leave us wanting more


So Thank you

For filling our tummies

We don’t know what’d we do

Without your sweet yumminess


Until we meet again,

(Hopefully by morning)

You’re forever friend,

Grateful and Adoring



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope it is extra sweet, and full of love!
-NC Egg Association