Back to School Nutrition Tips

Back to School Nutrition Tips
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With August over halfway over, it’s that time of year again–school is back in session. While summer ending can be sad, preparing for classes to start gets exciting…even if it’s a bit stressful at first. While spending you spend your time getting your chickens in a row and focusing on buying new clothes, shoes, school supplies and more, we’ll help take the load off on the most important thing: the best nutrition for you and your family.


We’ve all heard it–“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Frankly, it’s true: studies show that eating breakfast before school has continuously shown positive effects in children–including higher test scores and attendance. But what’s the best option? Time and again, eggs have proven to be a smart breakfast for all ages. Nix the cereals that are low in nutrition, high in sugar and won’t keep your active ones full for long, and provide them with the nutrition they need to keep them full and alert until lunchtime.

The best part? Eggs are an eggs-ceptionally easy and fast breakfast! Microwaves can be an incredible time-saver and a great way to cook eggs in seconds. Try this fun and fast recipe for this hearty Microwave Egg & Sausage Breakfast Taco


Incorporating a snack into daily eating routines is important in living a healthy lifestyle. It is even more important to pack a simple and filling snack for your child to eat at school, in order to keep them tied over until lunch or an after-school meal. A hard-boiled egg is a perfect snack to pack for your child. It’s packed full of protein and can easily be stored in any container or plastic bag.

The best part?  Boiled eggs in the shell can be stored in the refrigerator for one week, meaning you can cook a weeks worth (or more!). Preparing meals in advance allows healthy go-to options when you’re crunched for time–something no one has enough of when school starts.

For perfect hard boiled eggs, visit


Getting the whole family to sit down at the table for dinner every night is important.  It gives everyone a chance to catch up on each other’s day, decompress and take a break from homework. Add in an egg, and you and your family have enough energy–exactly 70 calories and tons of protein worth–to finish any other work off before relaxing and heading to bed.

The best part? Eggs can make almost any standard recipe healthier and faster! For substitutes for some of your family’s favorites (that only take 30 minutes to cook!), try this tasty Hamburger Pie or this Mexican Egg Casserole

For more breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes head over to

Hope everyone has an egg-celent first week!